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What is bindweed?

Bindweed (Calystegia sepium) is a familiar plant in the UK with its white trumpet like flowers. However, left unmanaged, it can twine around plant stems and choke plants in borders and flower beds and even lawns. The bindweed roots spread from sections of stem (rhizome) and may penetrate up to 5m deep and grow rapidly. Established plants can spread outwards by 2m or more in one season.

How do we remove bindweed?

We use a system of integrated weed control meaning that we combine physical control with herbicide (glyphosate) control where possible. For various reasons physical control may not be possible or viable and that's when we'd look at herbicide alternatives. We always opt for the one which is safest and has the least environmental impact. It is a trade-off as the plant being treated has an impact of its own hence the treatment.  

How we help...

Remove the bindweed

Treat the bindweed

Offer advice

Renovate the affected area


Bindweed (Calystegia sepium)

Bindweed before & after pictures

Bindweed Treatment

Before: Bindweed has invaded this rosemary plant

Bindweed Treatment

After: Bindweed has been treated without damage to the surrounding plants

Why choose Garden Thyme to remove your bindweed

We are a small family run business and offer a personal service with friendly staff that can respond to you quickly. We are passionate about gardening and have many years experience in horticulture. We are qualified in the removal of invasive plants and conscious of not killing surrounding plants in the process of removing the unwanted one, this is not the case with all companies. Ask us about bindweed control solutions for your commercial space or managed properties.

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