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small tree removal

Small Tree Removal

Self-seeding happens when the seeds of a larger tree spring up and start growing, often in inconvenient places like between paving and a fence or the side of a building. They can become an issue if they grow too close to a property or interfere with drainage or foundations as this could cause long terms problems and be very expensive to rectify.


When self-seeded trees go unnoticed or are repeatedly cut they can become out of control. The longer they are left, the more the roots develop and they become harder to remove especially if they are in an established planting area.

How we can help with small tree removal

We cut down and remove saplings of up to 10ft tall and then we treat the stumps with our safe, clean Ecoplugs. The active ingredient of the Ecoplug (granular glyphosate) is carried to the growth point of the tree. When correctly applied it will reach the entire root system right to the end to prevent regrowth. Having applied an appropriate treatment there is no regrowth in at least 95% of cases, and the stump remains until it decomposes. This treatment can be applied all year round. 

What we offer...

✓ Removal of self-seeded trees

Prevention of tree stump


 Safe, clean Ecoplugs

95-100% success rate

Small tree removal

Newly cut tree stumps treated with Ecoplugs.

Eco plugs

Multiple areas of regrowth can be treated at the same time.

small tree removal.JPG

Here you can see where the tree regrowth had damaged the fence and needed to be controlled. This photo was taken one year on, you can see there is no regrowth and the tree is starting to decompose.

Why choose Garden Thyme for small tree removal

We are a small family run business and offer a personal service with friendly staff that can respond to you quickly. We are passionate about gardening and have many years experience in horticulture. We are qualified in the removal of invasive plants and conscious of not killing surrounding plants in the process of removing the unwanted tree, this is not the case with all companies. 

Charles Rodriguez

Q&A with Charles


Will I need a tree surgeon to remove my tree?


No, you will not need a tree surgeon for small trees under 10ft. We are able to help you manage small self seeded trees, these are typically Ash or Sycamore. Get in touch and we can discuss how best to tackle your small tree removal.

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