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commercial landscaping


We can transform your commercial space or communal garden into something beautiful and manageable. We offer a wide variety of landscaping options for your business premises. Our services includes soft landscaping, such as planting, seeding, turfing and creating wildflower areas. We also offer hard landscaping including paving, patio building, & fencing.

We love a challenge, especially when it means transforming a neglected site to create somewhere special. Reclaiming rough grassland, brambles, nettles and scrubby vegetation is something we take great pride in doing. The results are exciting - creating spaces to be enjoyed and that will also be easily maintained thanks to our thoughtful planning which takes in considerations such as wear and tear from public access.


We bring specialist know-how in shrub renovation and careful planting all supported by on-going maintenance if you require it.​

We offer...

✓ Planting plans

Garden renovation

✓ Tree planting

Hard & soft landscaping

Flower bed planting

✓ Play area maintenance

Planting plans

Planting Plans

Garden designs for commercial spaces

As Beth Chatto, the visionary British plantswoman from the 1970's said 'Right Plant, Right Place'. At Garden Thyme we know our plants. We have years of experience coupled with intuition and a love of horticulture. Our vast knowledge of plants means we know which plant will do best where. This means your plants will have a much better chance of thriving and looking great, whilst also saving your business money in the long run.

How it works

We'll discuss with you the sort of space you want to create for your customers and staff. Then we'll visit your area, check conditions and soil types and design you a planting plan. We will source all your plants from our quality, trusted suppliers, who can also supply other requirements such as fertiliser, tree stakes and mulch. Then we prepare the area, the soil and plant. It's simple!

planting plans
Garden renovation

Garden Renovation

Transforming neglected sites back to life

We can bring your garden back to life and make it more manageable with our garden renovation services. We can transform an overgrown plot or revive planting that's been left uncared for, so that it returns to its former glory. We use our expert pruning knowledge to reveal the original plants without the need for expensive replanting which can also take a while to establish. After careful renovation your premises will be more manageable and thrive for years to come!

Communal area in Horsham

garden renovation

Before: This neglected area had become unruly, blocking light and reducing security to the entrance to the flats

garden renovation

During: We expertly pruned the shrubs to ensure excellent regrowth without the need for expensive replanting

garden renovation

After: Our skills and experience in garden renovation means less expense and the need to establish new plants. This bed will now look great for years to come!

Garden area in residential car park in Kingston, Surrey

commercial landscaping

Before: This communal area was overgrown and out of control

commercial landscaping

During: We removed the old planting

commercial landscaping

After: New planting will bring colour and interest in the new season

Small plot in Midhurst, West Sussex

garden landscaping
garden landscaping
garden landscaping
commercial landscaping

Before & After: This small plot on a new build housing estate, had been planted by the original landscapers with a prickly hawthorn hedge next to a parking space and along a narrow path, which didn't seem appropriate. So we removed it while it was still tiny and replaced it with Privet. And the birds love it too!

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