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Horsetail weed


We offer clearance and treatment of horsetail weeds to prevent the plant from returning.

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Is horsetail a weed?

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense), is an invasive, deep-rooted perennial weed. It spreads quickly and forms a dense carpet of foliage. It can grow as much as 2m deep interfering with block paving and driveways. It has a deep extensive rhizome system and spore dispersal which makes it very hard to eradicate by simply digging out. Occasional weeding is not effective and can make the problem worse, as the plant can regrow from any small pieces left behind!

Traditional methods of weeding such as slashing and mowing have very little effect on removing horsetail completely due to new stems developing from the roots left behind. This often leaves many gardeners and homeowners frustrated by their unwanted presence.

Issues with horsetail weeds begin during the spring when greenish-brown shoots appear from the ground. These shoots are tipped with small cones that produce spores which spread the plant even further. Therefore, it's best practice to try and control the shoots before they begin to spore.

How to remove horsetail weeds from your property

We use a system of integrated weed control meaning that we combine physical control with herbicide control where possible. For various reasons physical control may not be possible or viable and that's when we'd look at herbicide alternatives. We always opt for the one which is safest and has the least environmental impact. It is a trade-off as the plant being treated has an impact of its own hence the treatment.  In some cases this will require on-going treatments to fully eradicate the plant.

Why choose Garden Thyme for horsetail weed removal

We are a small family run business and offer a personal service with friendly staff that can respond to you quickly. We are passionate about gardening and have many years experience in horticulture. We are qualified in the removal of invasive plants and conscious of not killing surrounding plants in the process of removing the unwanted one, this is not the case with all companies. We will also provide you with a map of the area that we will treat. Ask us about invasive plant control solutions for your green space.

Horsetail before & after pictures

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