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moss removal service

Moss Removal Service

Removing moss from your paths, driveways & car parks

Our moss removal service provides a variety of solutions for moss and algae control including physical removal, and the application of liquid cleaners.  We have a variety of treatments dependent on factors such as the season, location, severity, and integrity of the effected surface. We'd be happy to visit your site and quote for our recommendations.

About our moss removal service

Using our Nimos Mosquito machine we can remove thick moss from a hard surface that is in sound condition, including the joints between block paving.
Tarmac that is beginning to degrade requires a different approach - we would recommend using a liquid treatment to control moss and algae. A very fine covering of moss would also be treated this way. Following liquid application, the moss will turn brown after a few days for a long lasting result that also has a cleaning effect on the treated surface. 
In areas where moss repeatedly appears, a program of treatments can be arranged including an initial use of our Nimos brush followed by liquid applications.

What we offer...

✓ Considered cleaning process

✓ Effective moss removal

✓ Experienced, friendly team

✓ One-off treatment or                     ongoing maintenance plans

Why choose Garden Thyme for your moss removal

We are a small family run business and offer a personal service with friendly staff that can respond to you quickly. We are passionate about what we do and have over 30 years experience. Our specialist knowledge and equipment enables us to tackle your moss and algae problem efficiently and effectively, so you can be confident of the outcome. Contact us to discuss our moss removal service.

Charles Rodriguez

Q&A with Charles


What is the best time of year to kill moss on a driveway?


Moss can be treated at any time of year depending on local conditions. Moss tends to dry out from Spring so is less noticeable but by September it has started to 'green up' again and that's when it gets noticed. Apart from the time of year, the other consideration is the weather. Heavy rain reduces scope for application as treatment during these times is less effective and therefore can be a waste of money.

Removing moss on block paving driveways can be more challenging so we have a special bit of kit to help you with this, if you get in touch about your moss problem then we can discuss the best solution.

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