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Invasive plant control

Invasive Plant Control

We are specialists in removing invasive plants, including Japanese knotweed, from commercial properties. Invasive plants can be of concern to commercial land owners, developers, insurers, banks and other lenders. Our invasive plant control includes clearance and treatment of your weed to prevent the plant from returning. In some cases this will require on-going treatments to fully eradicate the plant.


How we remove invasive plants

We use a system of integrated weed control meaning that we combine physical control with herbicide control where possible. For various reasons physical control may not be possible or viable and that's when we'd look at herbicide alternatives. We always opt for the one which is safest and has the least environmental impact. It is a trade-off between the plant being treated and the impact it's having on your premises.

We can help you with:

  • Identification of your invasive plant

  • Prevention & control

  • Qualified advice

  • On-going treatments

Why are invasive plants a problem?

When a non-native species is introduced, the environment may not have the capacity to manage the spread of that species. The invasive plant may outcompete native species for resources preventing it from growing and therefore reducing biodiversity. In addition to the effects on the environment, invasive plants can also have an effect on you:


  • Invasive plants can very quickly spread and ruin your commercial property

  • Some species are incredibly difficult to remove

  • If left untreated they can cause costly damage to your property

  • They can delay or prevent the sale of commercial property

  • If invasive plants spread they can create acrimonious and expensive legal battles with neighbouring businesses or homes

Invasive Plants We Treat

We treat a variety of invasive plants both native and non-native to the UK.

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