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What are the best soil types for wildflower meadows?

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Wildflower planting

Where to plant wildflower meadows

Wildflower meadows conjure up images of 'Cider with Rosie' from times gone by with a blanket of beautiful, colourful flowers. But creating a true wildflower meadow can be tricky as it requires the soil to be very low in fertility. This might not be what you were expecting to hear but it's the very fact that the nutrients are low that enables the variety to exist and compete with each other without one species dominating the space.

Wildflower meadows need careful management to simulate farm practices of old. If you have rich soil, then one option is to remove the top layer and sow directly into the dug soil below. Also, there are now modern seed mixes that enable you to recreate areas rich in species. These have a wider range of soil suitability and tolerance but are still beneficial to wildlife and attractive in your garden or green space.

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