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Wildflower Planting

Wildflowers are a haven for native pollinators such as bees, butterflies and dragonflies. There has been an increase in wildflower popularity in residential gardens as their environmental benefits become more appreciated. They also provide an amazing display of colour!


Your wildflower meadow can be planted in an open, sunny place on flat or sloping ground. A large open space is ideal as it gives you more opportunity for a wide variety of wildflowers. But smaller spaces are also possible as in the example below.

Planting your wildflower area

Your meadow will takes 3-4 months to flourish. A wildflower area is a wonderful addition to your garden or green space. A beautiful display of colourful wild flowers attracting bees, dragonflies and butterflies.

Wildflower planting...

✓ Encourages biodiversity by attracting and supporting a range of species

✓ Provides a burst of colour and interesting display throughout spring and summer

Wildflower planting on a small plot

Wildflower planting has transformed this small unused plot on a residential estate in Horsham. This just shows you that wildflowers can grow just about anywhere and you don't need a sprawling meadow in the countryside to enjoy it!

Soil types for wildflower planting

Finding the right soil conditions for your wildflower meadow can be tricky as it requires the soil to be very low in fertility. This might not be what you were expecting to hear but it's the very fact that the nutrients are low that enables the variety to exist and compete with each other without one species dominating the space.

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